Why do I not see material on the Collaplan site?
The problem is usually fixed by refreshing the site by pressing "Ctrl" + "r" (PC) or "cmd" + "r" (Mac). You can also refresh by pressing the "refresh" icon in your browers window.

Why does Collaplan still not work in my browser?
Due to maintenance it is possible that the service is sometimes temporarily unavailable and we always strive to inform about this to our users. Sometimes the changes we make result in that you will have to clear your browser history in order to get Collaplan working again. In Firefox this is done by typing “about:preferences#privacy” in the address field and then under “History” selecting links “clear your recent history” and “remove individual cookies”. In Chrome this is done by typing “chrome://settings/” in the address field and by selecting “Show advanced settings…”. Select “Clear browsing data…”. and then you'll have to select “Cookies and other site and plugin data” and “Cashed images and files”. Please remove cookie and plugin data from at least since you last used Collaplan.

Who sees the information I add to Collaplan?
If you add a comment in a public project your name, profile picture and comment will be publicly on display. Information other than your name, profile picture and public comments will not be shared publicly without your permission.

Does Collaplan require registration?
Usually you can get familiar with project material without registering but commenting is possible for registered users only. Closed projects require registering also for getting access to the project site.

How can I register?
You can register as a Collaplan user from here.

Why does the 3D model not show properly?
Make sure you have enabled the Unity Web Player plugin to be used in your browser. This can be checked by typing "about:plugins" in Mozilla Firefox and "chrome://plugins/" in Google Chrome address bar and then checking what plugins are enabled. If you don't have the plugin enabled please download Unity Web Player from here.